Thursday, September 14, 2017


GECA makes it easier to care about our planet and people

As people worldwide become increasingly aware of the benefits of taking care of the environment, the number of environmentally responsible claims has become overwhelming.
We’re cutting through the hype to accurately assess the environmental claims of a whole range of products and materials, so you don’t have to.
The GECA ecolabel is fast becoming one of the most reliable sources for consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact. By using world-class standards, we’ve ensured you can rely on the quality and environmental performance of a product wherever you see the GECA ecolabel.

Every certified product, service and material is independently and rigorously tested

We also understand that you want to protect your family and those around you, which is why we address the impacts that products have on human health as well. We ensure that our certified products consider the effects of toxic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or carcinogenic substances on human health.
We care about the conditions in which certified products are manufactured too, which is why GECA’s standards consider the social impacts of our certified products, including safer and more ethical working conditions.

We make it easier for consumers to make good choices

By educating consumers about their choices and raising awareness of brands that are actively looking after the environment, we’re working towards a greener future for everyone.
We advocate on behalf of our GECA certified businesses, verifying their environmental claims, boosting their profiles and promoting their environmental stewardship. In turn, this makes it easier for consumers to find GECA certified products and trust the claims being made.

It’s easy to find products for any home or business

We’ve already given GECA certification to over 3,500 products, materials and services across Australia, all of which have been independently audited to ensure compliance. You’ll find products listed by standard within just about every building and design category, from toilet paper to cement.

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