Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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Sewage treatment plants and pumping stations (Tue, 29 Aug 2006)
ODOUR-producing substances found in domestic wastewater are small, relatively volatile molecules. They are the result of anaerobic decomposition of organic matter containing sulphur and nitrogen. Anotec Odour Control for sewage treatment plants and related utilities is applied via misting or fogging systems.

anotec powder puff odour

Odour control for landfill sites (Wed, 26 Jul 2006)
GASES released from municipal waste landfills have the potential to cause odours in neighbourhoods surrounding the landfill. The wastes brought to landfills decompose over time largely through the action of bacteria. Anotec Odour Control has an odour control solution for odours at landfill sites.

Odour control for portable toilets (Wed, 19 Jul 2006)
POSITIVE feedback from the sanitation industry combined with increase in sales locally and internationally has made this product a success, says Anotec Odour Control, who add that SFTY-100 is the most economical and safest toilet additive available on the market today.

Tutti Fruity odour control

Solving odour problems over the net (Tue, 18 Jul 2006)
USING the internet, Anotec can now analyse odour problems online, utilising the technology that is now so commonplace in society. Anotec Odour Control can audit odour problems online very easily, with the customer needing only to fill out a form and provide details of the odour.

anotec king kit

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