Friday, September 14, 2007

Locals claim factory is source of pollution

ENVIRONMENT Agency chiefs have come under fire for failing to investigate health concerns over pollution fall-out in the Peak.
Residents on Danesway and Burrfields, in Chapel-en-le-Frith want to know exactly what is in tiny airborne particles which they claim have eaten into the paintwork of their cars and damaged window frames.

They have made numerous complaints about the emissions which they believe come from the nearby Federal Mogul factory.

Alan Williams, of Burrfields Road, said: "We are still not satisfied with the explanation from the Environment Agency. No-one has given us yet conclusive evidence that the airborne particles are not dangerous to health.

"We want to know what is in it. As yet Federal Mogul have refused to tell us the contents of the dust because they say it is commercially sensitive information.

"I can accept that, while it remains in the confines of the site, but when it spills out into my garden and front bedroom then it becomes my concern and everybody else's."

Linda Paul, of Danesway, recently bought a new car and within two weeks it was covered with the particles.

Julian Hope, of Burrfields Road, said: "They are damaging our property all the time. If we did that to theirs they would be on it right away."
Another resident highlighted the smell coming from the factory. "I've lived her for over 40
years and it has never been as bad. This past month or so it has just been awful."

Doug Munkman, of the Environment Agency, said: "We are working with Federal Mogul to address the problem of iron-based particles and odour coming from the site.

"Currently the company is installing cyclones to help capture the particles from a vent that is thought to be the cause of the problem and there is an ongoing programme to convert five ovens to reduce the odour issue."

Both High Peak MP Tom Levitt and Cllr Andrew Bingham have been working with residents and Federal Mogul and attended meetings.

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