Sunday, February 15, 2009

Odour Courses concern

Odour causes concern

CONCERN and annoyance about an unpleasant odour believed to be emanating from the Busselton Wastewater Treatment Plant off Queen Elizabeth Avenue has prompted a Busselton resident to seek action to remedy the problem.

Ian Robinson, who lives on Rendezvous Road, about 300-400m from the plant, told the Mail he and his neighbours had experienced a “foul smell” on and off on a daily basis since before Christmas and wanted the problem to be addressed.

He believed the problem was an “overloaded” sewage volume, caused by the influx of people and housing growth in the last few years, as well as holiday visitors, in combination with the summer heat.

He said the smell usually occurred in the early morning, around noon, in the evening when he was having dinner, and at night. It wasn’t nice to spend time either inside or outside on his property, where he’s lived for 16 years.

In recent weeks Mr Robertson has been in contact with Vasse MLA Troy Buswell’s office, the shire council and the Water Corporation about the issue, and a local Water Corporation representative visited Mr Robertson on January 26 to discuss his complaint.

In 2005, Mr Robertson organised a petition signed by 44 residents of not only Rendezvous Road, but nearby residential areas, and approached the council, Mr Buswell and the Water Corporation about “concerns and annoyance over the irritating and continual noise and smell created by the sewage plant”.

The Water Corporation obliged and took measures to reduce the odour by installing a network of odour suppressant sprayers.

Mr Robertson would like to see an odour investigation carried out and the alleged problem fixed.

The Water Corporation’s regional business manager Scott Moorhead said there had only been one complaint received this year, that from Mr Robertson.

He said the plant had sufficient capacity to cater for current wastewater flows and any odour impacts varied according to weather patterns and often increased during spells of hotter weather. Nevertheless, planning was advancing for the next upgrade required to cater for future growth.

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