Friday, April 10, 2009

External expert called for odour issue

An outside engineering firm is investigating the odour in Hawkstone Landing.

Coun. Jason Gariepy said at last week’s council meeting he is happy that administration is working on the problem.

“I don’t believe they have spared any expense in doing this, so I just want to express my appreciation,” he said.

Since spring of last year, residents have lived with a strong sewage smell Administration has been unable to locate the source of the stench after conducting tests.

The county has been using a substance called BioMagic, which temporarily alleviates the issue until a more permanent solution can be reached.

Coun. Jacquie Fenske asked administration what happened to the financial responsibility of the company who designed the system, but her question was not answered publicly.

Associated Engineering is reviewing surveys completed by residents this month. The company will recommend an engineering solution and odour control strategy once the problem is found. A wastewater technical specialist from Associated Engineering is being called in to help solve the issue. The technician has more than 40 years experience and has been involved in municipal odour control programs.

The team will recommend a solution at the beginning of May.

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