Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting rid of ice maker's musty odor

I recently moved into a new apartment. The refrigerator has an ice-maker, but the ice from it tastes musty. I let the bucket fill up. Then I emptied it, cleaned it and let the maker start over, but it still smells. We don't use ice every day, so sometimes it sits for several days. It is not practical to turn the ice-maker off because it takes too long to make ice when we do need it. How can I rid the ice of its musty taste?


I have a feeling that you need to replace the filter that sits between the water source and the ice-maker itself. That filter needs to be changed routinely, in the same way you change the filter on your furnace and air conditioner.

Look in the refrigerator's owners manual for specific instructions on how to do this. You should be able to pull the appliance out from the wall, follow that waterline back to where it's hooked up (probably under the sink) and find the filter in the process.

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