Monday, June 29, 2009

Anotec cleans industry's smell

Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly odour removal for industrial use has been available for 20 years ---thanks to novel technology from ANOTEC.

The technology is based on the integrated and combined application of technologies for odour removal.

Current odour removal technologies such as incineration, adsorption and scrubbing, are energy intensive, expensive and require the use of ongoing chemicals and treatment of chemical by-products.

However, the latest odour removal technology functions as a natural process.

Rather, it relies on a naturally occurring materiall that has special properties suitable for use in all areas of odour control.

Additionally, a coating / surfactant blend agent assists with the retention of the odour control which is rapid and instantaneous.

The Anotec 0307 material is of a self-contained, odour acontrol system that can be customised to suit different users.

The Anotec odour control process has the capacity to replace currently used odour control.

The technology is universally applicable and globally marketable.

The application of the technology has been in areas such as the city of LA, City of NY, Sydney Water, Thiess, Bhp Billiton. Korea, Onsite Rentals etc.

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