Thursday, July 16, 2009

Staging A House For A Quick Sale,is It An Art Or A Science?

Stop watching Designed to Sell and instead learn the real secrets to selling your house in half the time at
full price!
Would you rather have a designer tell you how to stage your home for a quick sale, or listen to someone
who practices what she preaches?
Karen Schaefer, founder of the nation-wide real estate staging company SIMPLE APPEAL, is also a
very successful real estate investor. The techniques she uses and teaches in the Simple Appeal Staging
program have been tested and proven time and time again in her own real estate investment business. (Right
Real Estate Solutions)
Karen will reveal the top 3 mistakes commonly made by agents, owners, and designers when staging a
house for sale; and then show 3 of her top secrets to creating the “pockets of emotion” that turn houses from
problems into highly desirable properties that sell within days!
Karen is a powerful and entertaining interview. She will tell your audience:
• How to recognize three problems that guarantee buyers will shy away from making an offer!
• Why designers come at the problem of selling a house from the wrong direction!
• Three techniques to know if you real estate agent is doing her job!
• What exactly is a “pocket of emotion” and why are they so powerful!
• What the most appealing color is for a front door and why!
• The secret to getting rid of a pet odor permanently!
• The three best strategies to use to sell a house in under 60 days!
• And most important of all, how to keep your head while those around you lose theirs.
Karen has a large following in the front range real estate community. Her personal staging services are in
demand across the country. By the end of your interview, you will be convinced that Karen does indeed
have the answers to the most challenging questions so many people face when selling their houses. She is
an excellent and entertaining interview that will thrill you and your audience!
A business owner really needs to look at how they can best leverage their time in order to maximize the
opportunities to make money.
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