Saturday, August 01, 2009

High-tech undies keep odour away for a month

Astronaut Koichi Wakata, who is returning to earth from months at the International Space Station, has revealed that he’s been sporting a brand new pair of J-Ware briefs for the last few weeks without changing.

Unlike any normal kind of underwear, the new high-tech briefs are designed by a team in Japan to be odour-free.

“I haven’t talked about this underwear to my crew members. But I wore them for about a month, and my station crew members never complained for about a month, so I think the experiment went fine,” The Christian Science Monitor quoted Wakata as saying.

Wakata reportedly drew a big laugh from his colleagues.

Due back on Earth on Friday, Wakata has said that the antistatic, flame-retardant underwear made his life in space very comfortable.

The J-Wear line is designed by textile experts at the Women’s University in Tokyo, and is said to be made of anti-bacterial, water-absorbent, odour-eliminating material.

“We’ll see the results after landing,” said Wakata.

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