Saturday, April 03, 2010

Plant installs new odour controls

Amaizeingly Green LP is trying out some new equipment in its ongoing battle with odour and noise problems.

"We have successfully met the requirements for the install, commissioning and making operational of our new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer to treat the Germ Dryer exhaust at AGP," general manager Martin Kazmir said in an email.

The oxidizer went into operation on March 26 and has "been working well," said Kazmir.
In an abatement plan presented in December, the company outlined treating the germ dryer exhaust stream with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. The MOE issued a control order requiring the RTO -Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer-- to be installed by March 26.

"This was a next-to-impossible date to meet but we did the best we could and did meet the date of installation. The RTO is the latest in effective technology for treating odour stream," said Kazmir, noting the oxidizer will "reduce any odour stream with 98 per cent efficiency."

The Ministry of the Environment said it had received two complaints about odour in the last five days and was unable to corroborate either one.

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