Saturday, May 15, 2010

High Court closes landfill

The High Court has granted an order allowing for the immediate forced closure of that nation’s most complained about landfill.
The Environmental Protection Agency had sought the order before the court to close down the licensed landfill near Naas in Co Kildare.
Both locals and national lobby groups have long been seeking the closure of the offending landfill in Naas as it omits a particularly foul order and is thought to be an environmental hazard.
The manager of the landfill said that if the High Court order was granted that his company would have to go into insolvency, but the judgement made clear that there was an overwhelming tide of opposition to the landfill as well as a foul odour which diffused throughout the surrounding area.
Mr Justice Sean Ryan said the situation was extremely serious as there had been breaches of the law in operating the facility.
He refused the company’s application to lift the injunction from last February and he granted a further injunction to the EPA to prevent waste from being taken into the site.

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