Monday, December 10, 2012

D-Day for Brooklyn odour offender

A SERIAL offender responsible for the highest number of odour complaints in Brooklyn could be stripped of its operating licence. The Environment Protection Authority has given Australian Tallow until December 14 to explain why EPA should not suspend its licence. The company must produce a detailed plan fully outlining improvements to infrastructure, waste and odour management. An EPA update to the Brooklyn Community Reference Group (BCRG) confirmed Australian Tallow continued to discharge odours in breach of its pollution abatement notice. "Odours have been confirmed and traced to the premises on multiple occasions. Since July this year, the site appears to have regressed somewhat in addressing odour issues at the site." Last year Australian Tallow was convicted and fined $70,000 over offensive odours and the discharge of animal-derived fat from the Brooklyn rendering facility into Kororoit Creek. EPA metro manager Richard Marks said most of the businesses in the Brooklyn area were legitimate, but the way they were operating was a real concern. "We've got some major odour issues in the area. Australian Tallow, which is our last major odour source there, is an area of focus for us at the moment."

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