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The company is confident it will solve an odour problem plaguing. The company was creating a foul odour that had besieged the residents.
The residence were happy with the progress it had made to date the problem would abate much earlier than previously expected.

" we expect the odour to be fixed much sooner," he said.

"We are committed to fixing this problem - we don't want to talk about what it's costing us other than to say we're throwing everything we have at it."


"The fact that we're getting large amounts of gas each day from the anaerobic lagoons is proof the biological system is working,"

No odour at all was immediately detectable at the 8-metre deep covered lagoon site despite the water having only received minimal treatment.

In the process, solids are removed from the water before it reaches the covered lagoons and micro-organisms then digest the remaining pollutants and expel natural gas which is burned to create energy.

The sewage-like smell emanating from the site has blanketed their homes for months.

Then reducing the amount of foul smelling liquid remaining in the ponds, giving the company further confidence that the offending water would soon be diluted enough to have the smell vanish forever.

The smell was present but downwind it appeared not to be reaching the noxious levels described by some residents.

But the level of odour changes depending on the time of day.

No doubt it was impressive, and that cost appeared to be no object for the company as it battled to control the side effects.

The smell was as bad as ever, particularly at night, and residents remained worried about how long they would be expected to live with the problem and what other side effects may appear down the track.

He said once fully commissioned, the system would boost the company's environmental credentials and should lead to a more harmonious existence with surrounding communities.

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