Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Charlton residents rally over abattoir odour, disease fears

Andrew Backhouse | 30th Oct 2015 5:00 AM 

A GROUP of residents with concerns about a proposed meat processing facility on the outskirts of Toowoomba is holding a community meeting tonight. FKG Group is planning to build an $80 million abattoir in the Witmack Industrial Park about 10km west of Toowoomba. A development application is before Toowoomba Regional Council. The public notification stage ended on September 22. Speaking on behalf of residents, Chrissie Bach said in their view the development did not belong in its proposed location, which is zoned for medium impact. She said neighbours of the proposed facility were worried about offensive odours and the impact they would have on future development in the Charlton precinct. Ms Bach also raised concerns about alleged health risks. Toowoomba union delegate Chris McGaw and Oakey veterinarian David Pascoe have publicly raised noise, odour and planning concerns about the project. FKG Group manager of property development Dallas Hunter has defended the project saying the state-of-the-art design would ensure that the facility would have little to no impact on nearby residents. "It's just as important for us and our neighbours that we have a low-impact or nil-impact plant and that's what we're designing," he said.

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