Sunday, June 05, 2016

Unbearable odour dampens spirit of devotees

Ujjain : With the sheer mismanagement on Simhastha Mela premises, the pilgrims are compelled to go through a dreadful experience as the unbearable odour fuming from the effluents leaking out of the septic tanks has made life hell across the fair. As the month-long Simhastha Mahakumbh is heading towards its culmination, scores of anomalies practised by the administration has surfaced. The biggest problem the pilgrims are going through is the odour spreading over the Mela area due to the effluents leaking out of the septic tanks built temporarily in the encampments and for the public use. Septic tanks built for the public toilets across the Mela premises are getting overflow with the large influx of devotees using the toilets. The Mela authority has failed to manage the things and hence the odour is causing great inconvenience to the visitors. As the final Shahi Snan is going to be held on May 21, enormous crowd is thronging to the Mela premises. People are compelled to defecate in open as the community toilets are not cleaned properly. Even the sewerage lines are broken at certain places which are posing a great problem to the visitors. The community toilet near Bharat Seva Ashram in Bhukhi Mata sector is the place where visitors are unable to use the toilets due to the mud and mire prevailed in its surrounding. The odour fuming out of the septic tanks has made life hell for the saints and their guests residing in the surrounding.

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