Monday, October 17, 2016

Natural Wonders Monday for you

Australia gears up for rare weather event

IT’S been described as the most spectacular thing you can see in the sky, other than a full eclipse. And it’s happening right here in Australia.

‘It’s fundamentally weird and alien’

IT lives on the forest floor but “the blob” could be the key to changing all of our everyday lives.

Morons topple iconic rock pedestal

AT first it was said to be an act of nature. But footage has revealed a group of young people deliberately destroyed a beloved rock formation.

Fisherman’s find is just pearl-fect

THE world’s biggest pearl, weighing 34kg and worth more than $100 million, has been unveiled in The Philippines. You won’t believe where it’s been kept the past 10 years.

‘Earth will be one giant continent’

A WORLD without borders is a very distinct possibility when one supercontinent forms from all of Earth’s major land masses, predict scientists.

Coral ‘orgies’ could save our reef

THERE is still plenty to learn about the mass spawning events of coral, and such secrets could help save the world’s dying reefs.

Ellen is not backing down on reef comments

IT got her Twitter bombed by Environment Minister Greg Hunt, but Ellen DeGeneres says she’s glad her call to save the Great Barrier Reef is being talked about.

The truth Australia doesn’t want to hear

SAVING the Great Barrier Reef should be about more than embracing a photo opp. We need to make the one hard decision that could actually save it.

First snow dump this season

IT MAY have surprised some, but the year’s first snowfall fell early this morning in Thredbo providing exciting scenes for skiers.

Barrier Reef ‘dead in 20 years’

IT’LL be harder to find Nemo in years to come with experts saying damage to the Great Barrier Reef is more dire than previously thought.

Scientists discover hidden Antarctic lake

A LARGE lake may be hiding beneath the ice that covers Antarctica and it may contain countless life forms that frozen continent for millions of years.

Secret coral reef discovered in Amazon river

THE world’s second longest river is home to hidden treasures, a scientific research team has discovered.

This is how desperate scientists are

SOME Aussies are so desperate to be heard they’ve spent $14,000 to get their message across this week.

Radical idea to save Aussie icon

MORE than $40 million has been pumped into a hi-tech research facility in Australia powered by nuclear technology, but has it come too late?

Massive dust storm engulfs Barossa

FIVE cars were involved in a crash after strong winds whipped up a huge dust storm from the recent Pinery bushfires in South Australia.

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