Tuesday, July 25, 2017

leachate odour can be controlled cost effectivly


Leachate odour control

Landfill leachate is liquid that moves through or drains from a landfill. This liquid may either exist already in the landfill, or it may be created after rainwater mixes with the waste in the landfill.  Leachate may become anaerobic if it has been depleted of oxygen due to biological/chemical reactions. It is usually highly odorous and described as having an ammonia or sewage-type smell.

Anotec has developed an innovative solution which can be applied to the leachate, absorbs the odour profile forming a controlled ambience.  Anotec make products which are fit for purpose, simple and  low cost.  

The PRO5L is made up of sustainable components, bio active and biodegrable surfactants and is GECA approve and BSI Audited, Standard No: CPv2.2i-2012 Issued: 9 July 2014, in accordance with ISO 14024. 

Method of use . three are listed below  
1.     Pre-dilute and addition to the leachate
2.     Dilute to 4000 :1 and fog above the leachate
3.     With a metering device spray onto the leachate

Physical properties
pH of a 1 % solution in water 7.0
Toxicity: Non toxic
SG 1.01.g /L
No Flashpoint
Highly dilutable in water or any oil (ask)
No Flash point
Any size container packaging 

This product PRO5L is highly dulitable up to 20,000 to 1 with water.  Australian made used around the world.

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