Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AFP: Mister Donut store falls foul of Taiwan odour inspectors

AFP: Mister Donut store falls foul of Taiwan odour inspectors: "TAIPEI — A Mister Donut store in Taiwan has been fined thousands of dollars for 'smell pollution' after neighbours complained that the aroma of the sweet fried pastries was overpowering, an official said Thursday.
The shop operated by food giant President Chain Store Corp. must pay 100,000 Taiwan dollars (3,300 US) after inspectors checked out the complaints, showing that it is not only bad smells which fall foul of environmental regulations, the Taipei city official told AFP.
'Our team of odour inspectors ruled that the smell from the store was above regulated level after receiving complaints from nearby residents that it was too much for them,' she said.
Previously such fines have been imposed mainly on companies which most people would agree emitted a disagreeable smell, such as eateries offering 'stinky tofu', or deep-fried bean curd.
The Taipei odour inspectors have no sophisticated equipment to guide them, but rely on their noses. However, they operate in groups of six to ensure the fairness of their findings."

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