Monday, October 25, 2010

Judges sniff out state's smelliest sneakers - Silver City Sun-News

Judges sniff out state's smelliest sneakers - Silver City Sun-News: "Judges sniff out state's smelliest sneakers
By Adriana Salas Missile Ranger
Posted:�10/24/2010 11:58:42 PM MDT

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Grand-prize winner Cameron Brown, right, received a Golden... (U.S. Army photo by Adriana Salas)
Staff Writer
WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE - The foul smells coming from the White Sands Missile Range Schools gymnasium the evening of Oct. 15 came from a concoction of 21 smelliest sneakers in the school, vying for the title of smelliest shoes in the state of New Mexico.
The event, sponsored by Odor-Eaters, was held in conjunction with the schools Fall Festival. Three prize winners were chosen, with the grand prize winner receiving $200 and a year's supply of Odor Eaters products. The grand prize winner will also compete in the national competition.
Cameron Brown was this year's smelliest sneaker winner, and according to his mother, Mary Woodhouse, he worked hard for that title. Woodhouse said Brown would come home every afternoon for the past six months, smell the shoes and place them in a plastic bag in order to seal in the odors. When Brown initially took the stage for judging, all five panelists kept their distance from the sneakers and judged them with their arms extended. Though there were still a few contenders after Brown, none gave the panelist the same reaction."

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