Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inquiry urged into doubling of volume at rubbish dump

Inquiry urged into doubling of volume at rubbish dump: "Local residents fear an increase in odour at the site and more truck movements.

The Sydney Catchment Authority is worried about contaminated liquids leaching from the dump into Warragamba dam.

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Competitors charge that the operator of the Woodlawn dump, the French group Veolia, is not doing enough to recycle waste at the site, reducing the amount going into landfill.

Veolia has approval to build a 280,000 tonne-a-year waste processing plant, but has not done so.

Veolia is seeking government approval to raise the amount of rubbish dumped into the former mine site at Woodlawn from 500,000 tonnes a year to 1.13 million tonnes. Along with Sydney's waste, the dump takes waste from the ACT and refuse from some local councils."

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