Thursday, December 02, 2010

Waste plant attacks smell - Local News - News - General - Camden Advertiser

Waste plant attacks smell - Local News - News - General - Camden Advertiser: "has identified five factors contributing to the recent increase in odour complaints at the Macarthur Resource Recovery Park.
A company spokeswoman said it had taken action for the second time to stop the smell. Work is expected to be completed this month.

Last week the Advertiser reported that some residents were still concerned about the smell coming from the park near Garden Gates Estate despite the $1.6 million spent on operational changes and a plant upgrade in August.

The WSN spokeswoman said the situation improved considerably after the first upgrade with a reduction in complaints.

'Since late September there have been new sources of odour that have affected some residents,' she said. 'These sources have been identified and a second round of initiatives to minimise the impact of odour on the community is under way.'

The five factors identified included weather conditions, water pressure, composting activities, landfill coverage and an 'odorous' section of the facility.

The WSN spokeswoman said the company was installing weather monitoring stations at Camden Soil Mix."

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