Sunday, October 04, 2009

Assessment and management of odour from stationary sources in NSW

The Technical Framework - Assessment and Management of Odour from Stationary Sources in NSW provides a policy framework for assessing and managing activities that emit odour and offers guidance on dealing with odour issues to industry, consent authorities, planners, environmental regulators and odour specialists. It outlines:
the legislation that applies to odour assessment and management in NSW
a fair and transparent process for assessing odour impacts from new developments
a system to help protect the environment and community from odour impacts while promoting fair and equitable outcomes for odour-emitting activities
a technical reference document for proponents/developers, planners and regulators.

The framework promotes ongoing environmental improvement and best management practices to prevent or minimise odour impacts. While recognising the changing needs of industry and society, it also promotes sustainable land use planning and management to avoid odours and associated conflicts.

The Framework is accompanied by the Technical Notes: Assessment and Management of Odour from Stationary Sources in NSW, which provides detailed odour assessment procedures.

The documents were developed by the DEC, with input from the Department of Primary Industries, the Department of Planning and the Intensive Agriculture Consultative Committee. These final documents replace the draft odour policy published in 2001.

The Technical Framework and supporting Technical Notes are available to download in PDF format.
Download documentsAssessment and Management of Odour from Stationary Sources in NSW:

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