Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Alba Proteins photo
The Alba Proteins factory
A no-win no-fee solicitors’ firm has spoken to various residents in the Castletown area about the possibility of litigation against the Alba Proteins animal byproduct processing plant in Wildriggs.
This follows an increase in the number of complaints about the smell this year.
Eden Council received about 400 complaints about the problem between May and September – a figure disputed by the firm.
An Alba spokesman added the company firm was going above and beyond its duty to prevent the foul smell troubling nearby residents.
The spokesman said: “Over the last decade we have invested heavily in new processes and equipment to minimise odours originating from our site and, as a leader in the animal byproduct industry, the site is operating within the parameters required by the licenses and regulations that govern it.
“While we must stress not every issue of odour is attributable to us, which Eden Council has verified, we invite the public to check this with the authority for themselves.
“We categorically dispute the figures quoted and will be challenging these.
“We take all smell complaints extremely seriously and meet regularly with both Eden Council and a residents’ liaison group to keep them informed of our on-goingprogress.”
He added: “A recent example of our efforts – which go far beyond what is required by law – is the upgrading and installation of new bio-filters, these are designed to contain and neutralise odours efficiently and effectively.”
Cardiff-based solicitors Hugh James have been speaking to local people about the possibility of launching legal action.

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