Friday, November 13, 2009

Anotec fight range of air quality problems

People who invest in a dehumidifier are often able to hold off the respiratory and other health problems brought on by mold exposure. However, this is just one of many indoor air quality problems that can affect the typical home.

For example, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced its latest "changeout" effort, where residents of a specified area are encouraged to trade in their old, less efficient woodstoves in favor of cleaner new models, or alternatives such as natural gas heating systems.

So far, the EPA's efforts have resulted in the replacement of about 13,000 old wood stoves, preventing the release of about 250 tons of fine-particle emissions.

Such pollution isn't confined to just rural areas that tend to depend more on woodstoves. Any place with heavy traffic and industrial activity can be prone to particulate matter pollution, which can enter a home through open windows and even attached to clothing.

With that in mind, an air purifying product that does more than a dehumidifier may be the best option for many homeowners interested in maintaining a solid level of indoor air quality.

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