Monday, November 16, 2009

Cat Urine Odour Removal or the best way to help your cat

One of the toughest tasks, when you care for a cat, is the Cat Urine Removal clean up job and it is the cat urine odour removal that is perhaps one of the most unpleasant.

I have the great fortune of having six children.

My older four children have all left home and are all living their own lives in extraordinary ways. They are all wonderful people doing amazing things - but I must tell you these tales another day.

We have always had pets - all sorts - we have had a parrot named Charlie, and another green ringed neck parrot named Bolo. Once when we were in living in Florida we even had a tiny little hand reared bird that the kids called "Garuda Peep Peep Tweet Tweet".

My older daughter has taken care of several rabbits, a family of ducks, all sorts of mice, rats and of course cats. We have had so many kittens and cats that I cannot remember their names - the kids can though - they remember all of them.

Now my oldest daughter has her own family - and a cats - and now her two children are growing up with pets of their own.

The circle of life goes on - doesn't it!

We must remember that cats are probably one of the easiest pets to take care of and therefore one of the most popular.

Occasionally though they can be a problem with them peeing indoors where they are not supposed to.

It is all very well having a litter box for the kittens but they don't always use it.

So what do you do?

I know that I used to get cross and fustrated and would clean like mad to try and get rid of that really nasty smell. But that was years ago.

We now have just one cat the and you can see him here with one of my younger sons.
The boys have called him Tom and he means so much them - they love him to bits.

Guess what... I don't have to worry about Tom peeing inside any more - Because about 6 months ago I found this neat cat website all aboutCat Urine Removal.

You'll find all sorts of useful information about taking care of cats but particularly I discovered...
what to do if they pee where they are not supposed to.

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