Friday, November 13, 2009

Company stink over EPA fine

A BROOKLYN tallow company has received an EPA Victoria fine for offensive odours.

Australian Tallow Producers Pty Ltd were fined $5841 for failing to meet EPA licence conditions that prohibit offensive odours from seeping beyond the boundaries of their Geelong Rd premises, following a pollution incident in July this year.

The Environmental Protection Authority had received a number of reports from the community about the odour, which came from a meal dryer that caught fire.

The EPA said the company agreed to shut the line down until the dryer was fixed.

Environmental services director Bruce Dawson said there were many challenges for community and industry co-existing together.

“Companies need to be aware of their social and environmental obligations and if there are problems then they need to actively work towards solutions,” Mr Dawson said.

Australian Tallow spokesman Craig Palmer said the company was undertaking significant works to improve odour controls at the site.

“After the incident in July we installed a second biofilter to reduce odour and a third is now under construction 12 months ahead of schedule,” he said.

“We are conscious of the impact odour has on the local community and will continue to work very hard in this area to reduce the risk.”

The company has 28 days to pay the fine, seek a review or have the matter dealt with in court.

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