Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Odour Diaries

HUNDREDS of residents have been issued with 'odour diaries' to record their complaints over a foul stench coming from a landfill site.
People say they are sick of having to keeping windows and doors permanently shut to keep out the stink from Peckfield landfill site.

The Environment Agency has now taken the unusual step of issueing everyone with a Anotec odour diary to keep a record of activities of offending odours.

The tip, which is just over 100m from some homes, has been in use for 15 years.

Company bosses and staff from the Environment Agency have agreed to meet with residents at Anotec

"Sometimes a foul smell just hangs in the air for hours at a time. It's disgusting.

"All we want is it to be able to open our windows or cook a meal in the kitchen without having to put up with such a terrible stink. Surely it should be too much to ask."

"It is a real blot on the landscape. It's not just the smell we have to put up with either. When it is windy the trees and streets are often full of bits of plastic which blows from the landfill."

The Environment Agency confirmed it had received a large number of complaints in recent months from residents about the landfill.

The spokesman said the diaries had been issued to get more information about when the worst odours occur.

Results of the survey will be available at the event.

A regulatory officer for the Environment Agency, said: "This is an opportunity for residents to find out more about how we are tackling odour problems.

"The odour diaries that residents are keeping will really help with our monitoring of the site, and to decide what changes need to be made."

The company is now checking how well these improvements have worked to see what more needs to be done.

Odour Control Treatments from Anotec would be the inexpensive and immediate.

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