Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Real-time gas chromatographer for analysing chemical compounds

Technical and Scientific Equipment is now distributing the Electronic Sensor Technology (EST) 4500 zNose portable gas chromatographer, which the distributor claims is the only mobile, small-footprint analyser on the market that can detect and analyse chemical compounds in near real-time.

The EST gas chromatographer is an ultra-high-speed odour detector that employs a trap and helium carrier gas to separate chemicals in near real-time so that pattern recognition and trace detection can be performed in seconds.

According to Technical and Scientific Equipment, it is the only gas analyser on the market that can accurately detect organic, biological and chemical compounds in near real-time.

Unlike trace detectors which only detect a few select compounds, this odour detector recognises odours and fragrances based upon their full chemical signature, says the distributor.

The 4500 is designed with a refillable internal helium cylinder, but can also use disposable helium cylinders. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable, typically lasting five hours.

This gas chromatographer has a built-in processor, and hence minimal training is needed as the processor can guide the user so that compounds are automatically identified, says the company.

The zNose is suitable for a variety of applications, including chemical analysis, environmental analysis, food and beverage quality assurance, and national security.

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