Sunday, December 06, 2009

Search on for stench

IT’S the stink that just won’t stop.

Pakenham is in an uproar over a stench that sticks – and the townsfolk have had enough.

The “Pakenham stink” has reared its ugly head again and resident David Cahir says he won’t stop until the smell does.

“I have walked the streets at 2am trying to find where it is coming from,” he said.

“I am manic about it.”

Mr Cahir said that after two years of dealing with the Cardinia Shire Council he was taking the matter further, straight to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

“Someone has to do something, the smell burns the back of your throat – it can’t be healthy,” he said.

Describing the smell as something similar to a dead body, Mr Cahir said he was worried the stench would affect the health of all Pakenham residents.

Spokesman for Cardinia Shire Council, Paul Dunlop said councilofficers had received at least 10 complaints in relation to smells in the Pakenham area over the past two weeks and said appropriate action would be taken.

“The council will address any unauthorised activity relating to odours recognised as a nuisance or which have emanated as a result of a breach of planning regulations,” he said.

“In the past council has worked with business operators and the EPA to reduce odours emanating from local businesses.”

Mr Dunlop said residents who feel a particular smell is stronger on some days than others were encouraged to contact the council.

“We ask residents to take note of the time of day, wind direction, odour type and strength and where they believe it is originating from,” he said.

“This information will assist council in its investigations.”

EPA spokesperson Ruth Ward said the EPA had received about 30 reports about the smell in Pakenham over the past calendar year.

She said a number of complaints had been in relation to a Drovers Place, Pakenham site.

“Cardinia Shire is taking the lead regarding this site, however EPA has been assisting them in relation to getting the company to take action,” she said.

“Residents can call EPA’s pollution Watchline on 9695 2777 if they want to report odours.”

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