Thursday, May 12, 2011

City mystified as foul smell returns to Toronto -

City mystified as foul smell returns to Toronto - "Perhaps the smell was the ghost of the garbage strike, awakened by spring’s windy caress.

Or maybe it was more sinister, bubbling up from the bowels of Lake Ontario.

Whatever the case, when the citizens of the GTA awoke Wednesday to a crisp sunny day, they smelled crap.

Toronto normally smells of hot dogs, exhaust and that particular, unmistakable odour that wafts up from the subway grates. In May, the city is treated to the good stuff: lilacs in the Annex, cherry blossoms in High Park, freshly cut grass.

So as Wednesday dawned foul, people did what plugged-in citizens do in a time of lighthearted crisis. They turned to Twitter to ask: What fresh Hell is this?

Bad yogurt, one guessed. Stinky cheese and barf, offered another.

At the city’s complaint epicentre — the headquarters of Toronto’s 311 service — Neil Evans typed keywords into the computers: Manure. Smell. Odour."

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