Monday, May 09, 2011

Natives say spill making kids sick | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Natives say spill making kids sick | Canada | News | Toronto Sun: "EDMONTON - More than 28,000 barrels of leaked crude oil near Peace River is making residents in the area sick, says a First Nations chief.

Steve Noskey, Chief of the Lubicon Cree Nation, says his town of about 300 people is being enveloped by a sickening odour he believes is coming from the spill, the biggest in the province since 1975.

'When the wind shifts, the odours are carried into the community,' says Noskey.

The Lubicon Cree Nation is located about 10 km east of the Plains Midstream Canada pipeline leak.

The Little Buffalo school has been closed since Friday, after students became ill with nausea, burning eyes and headaches.

Environment Minister Rob Renner says he only recently became aware that residents in the town were affected.

'We immediately installed air monitoring equipment that was on site, and I'm advised our mobile unit has additional capacity for more minute forms of air quality (and) is on route and should arrive later today,' said Renner Wednesday."

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