Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ingham resolves odour issue - inMyCommunity - Perth, Western Australia

Ingham resolves odour issue - inMyCommunity - Perth, Western Australia: "INGHAM state general manager Greig Smith has authorised more than $1million in factory upgrades since reading about nearby residents’ odour complaints.

Mr Smith said a February Stirling Times article brought to his attention odour issues to the east of Ingham’s poutry processing facility.

He said the live bay section of the facility recently underwent significant changes in an effort to resolve these issues.

“The live bay ventilation system has been upgraded with the installation of new high-powered fans, with the aim of generating negative pressure,” he said.

“A new live bird handling system has been installed to improve efficiency and cleanliness.

“Trucks are now enclosed within the live bay facility while being offloaded to ensure the risk of live bird odour being distributed by prevailing winds is limited.

“Extra deodorising lines have been installed inside and outside the live bay.”"

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