Friday, May 20, 2011

Odour boosting technology ‘useless’ if salt level is high: Study

Odour boosting technology ‘useless’ if salt level is high: Study: "Salty odours used to boost the flavour perception of reduced salt foods may only work if salt levels are low, and show little potential in high-salt food, according to new research.
The study, published in Food Quality and Preference, suggests that the ability of Odour-Induced Saltiness Enhancement (OISE) to enhance perceptions depends on the salt concentration in foods, noting that once sodium levels pass a threshold then aroma enhancement has very little effect.

The authors from the centre for food taste at the INRA, University of Burgundy, reported that the saltiness of a low concentration of sodium chloride in water increased significantly when subjects perceived the matching OISE aroma. However, when salt concentration increased and led the panellists to report a high salty intensity, no benefit was from OISE was observed."

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